Real Time Web

Internet – Faster and more energy efficient with new event-based infrastructure

Nornir’s Real Time Web Network uses a new and upgraded event-based infrastructure. This infrastructure is crucial for developing Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for smart cities. And it can do so without contributing to increased energy consumption. Real Time Web distributes data using horizontal links and works much similar to today’s hyperlinks Read more…

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

The Story of Micropayment

Billions of web pages linking to trillions of web resources like pictures, text, videos and physical objects (IoT), make Word Wide Web the ultimate place to make money; for both individuals and companies. However, trading data is not supported by the web infrastructure today.


The Last IT Project

Within relatively short time my company Nornir will launch a self-scaling network like the Web but with some significant improvements. The network will be the very last project ever created by humans – because now machines will be able to program any future IT system.  The new network is called Read more…


The Future Robot

Despite all human interests, we tend to create stuff for personal gain like the vacuum cleaner, washing machine, dryer and cooker. It is therefore natural to think that you will use a robot handling your daily routines. We often think of a robot as a mechanical device that is programmed Read more…


Smart Shoes

The real world is about to become part of the internet. Small radio tags of sensors which is integrated into objects can communicate with Facebook, Twitter and other online services. The physical world become virtual and the virtual world becomes part of the physical world. We humans are slipping more Read more…